The Wayfarer Diaries: The Car Stalls Again

01-02-2017, 0930 hours, Lidang, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India: 
Just as we reached Lidang village, the engine of our car stalled again on a slight uphill incline and we came to a standstill yet again. Mr. Sanjay Mehta immediately recognised the problem and told us that the diesel in the injector lines had frozen. We got down from the vehicle as Mr. Mehta opened the bonnet of the car one more time. As he was working to find a solution for the problem which he knew wasn’t that easy to solve, the other car which we had hired arrived at the scene. The cab driver was from Lingti and we were scheduled to meet him at 0800 hours. Since we hadn’t reached our meeting point even after one and a half hours, he realised that something was wrong and so had come to check on us.
By this time, the other vehicles (all Tempo Travellers) which are traveling from Kaza towards Reckong Peo have also arrived. We know a few of the passengers, including the ASI of Kaza police station and a few shop owners belonging to Mandi. As there is no space on the road for them to pass, all the vehicles have stopped behind us. As the drivers and passengers are coming down from their respected vehicles, there is hope that they can help us to make it out easily now.