The Wayfarer Diaries: The Winter Face of Malling Nala

01-02-2017, 1424 hours, Malling Nala, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, India: 


We have finally managed to traverse safely on the uphill section from Chango and reach Malling Nala. This was another patch of the road about which Mr. Mehta and everybody else was concerned about. If there would have been snow accumulated on the road, the ascent would not have been possible. We have now stopped at Malling Nala as a vehicle coming towards us from Nako is stuck on a slight uphill climb because of the snow on the road. Workers are pouring soil over it to make the car get a grip on the road. Other vehicles can also be seen near a temple on a ledge in the distance, waiting for the road to get through. 

 In the summers, plenty of water flows in the Malling Nala and makes its way through the road to the valley below. It is completely frozen these days with slight trickle of water coming out from under the sheet of ice and snow, looking as if it is not even a Nala.