The Wayfarer Diaries: Back Together at Spillo

01-02-2017, 1645 hours, Spillo, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, India: 
Mr. Mehta is with us now. We had been informed that he was somewhere in between Nako and Ka when we had reached Khab. Upon getting the news we decided to wait for him at Spillo and continue the rest of our journey with him till Rampur. It was also good news for our other cab driver as we had initially agreed that he would take us till Rekong Peo only. Now he could also carry on with what he had planned. 
Mr. Mehta drove all the way alone and managed to reach Spillo by the time we had tea. While he sipped on his tea at his favourite tea shop at Spillo, Mr. Mehta told us that he was trying to call us and tell us that we should stop at Nako, go to the lake and by that time he would have caught up with us. He had nothing to eat till now as he wanted to catch up with us first. All this showed how concerned he was about us and his passion towards his duty.
As we shifted our luggage from the Sumo to the Xylo, we first unloaded the huge boulders which were placed in the trunk to increase weight and assist in traction. One of them was so heavy that I started thinking how it got in there in the first place? As we were getting inside the car, I subconsciously thanked the people at Lingti who had helped Mr. Mehta. We then said our goodbyes to the driver of the Sumo and the passengers in it as we happily pushed forward towards Rampur, all back together as a unit.