Mountain Walking

Along Old Local Trails

Each and every time I have visited Kaza, I have gone to the Ki Monastery. During my second visit to the Ki Monastery in 2004, I had noticed some prayer flags on top of the mountain just next to the monastery. Since then, I had been thinking of climbing to the top but due to scarcity of time during the trips, I wasn’t able to undertake the climb. Finally, during The Mountain Walker Winter Trip to Spiti in January 2017, I had enough time on my hands to climb to the top of this mountain. The perfect setting of weather and sceneries made this climb one of the best experiences that I had during the winter trip.

I knew that normally people commute from Ki Monastery to Gettey village and vice-versa along this route. The other way to reach the top of the mountain is by a road that goes from Kibber to Gettey. My motivation, however, was to climb this mountain to experience the journey that the locals have been undertaking along this old route for a very long time. Moreover, the views of the Ki Monastery with the Spiti river (and entire valley in the back drop) that one gets from the mountain side are very beautiful. This time round, the back drop was all white which was sure to make the views even better.


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