The Mountain Walker Diaries: Maggi with a Special Ingredient

25-04-2017, 0845 hours, Nainital, Uttarakhanḍ, India: 

We have stopped at a small road side dhaba run by Mohan Pandey and Manoj Paṭhak. They have been serving Maggi, tea and omelette for the past 10 years, and that too throughout the year. It’s a make-shift shop on the road side, but the location is just amazing. While one can have Maggi at numerous shops in the area, the Maggi served here has a special mix of spices made by the duo themselves. And trust me, it’s something that just makes Maggi even more delicious.

What gets even better is that one can see the Naini lake while you enjoy sipping the hot tea surrounded by the forest around the location. The place has also been visited by Bollywood stars such as Preity Zinta, as told us by Manoj.

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