The Mountain Walker Diaries: The Quint-Essential Hill Station – Maggi, Tea and The Naini Lake

25-04-2017, 0810 hours, Nainital, Uttarakhand, India:

As we gained altitude to Nainital moving on the serpentine road, the forest completely transformed from what was covered with Sal to long needled pine, and now juniper and oak.

Upon reaching Nainital, the setting of the lake with the mountains towering behind was an amazingly beautiful sight. We got down, and for a moment, just got lost in the wonderful spectacle. The water with the golden and reddish carps swimming in the lake also refreshed us in a very subtle way.

As we have to go further ahead from here, we get going again on a narrow stretch of road towards Pahgoot. And guess what, we stop at the perfect spot for some tea and Maggi overlooking the lake from a mountain side.


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