The Mountain Walker Diaries: First Sight of Geeli Mitti

25-04-2017, 1100 hours Geeli Miṭṭi Farms, Mahrora, Uttrakhand, India:
After walking for about 10-15 minutes on a narrow path, we crossed a small stream along the way and reached our destination. It was located on a hill side, and as we entered the Geeli Mitti Farms premises, we could see a few tents pitched on a flat piece of land.
The location is just beautiful, with not many houses around. Birds can be heard chirping in the bushes. No sound of a car’s engine throbbing or horns blowing every now and then, as is the case in towns and cities. Not even the slightest hint. It’s in places like these where people can really relish peace for a change and know what it actually means to be away from all the noise. 

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