The Mountain Walker Diaries: Reaching Mahrora Village

25-04-2017, 1000 hours, Mahrora, Uttarakhanḍ, India:

We reached Mahrora after a 5 km drive downhill on a narrow dirt road from Pangoot. Pangoot is around 2200 m approximately and is a famous tourist destination. People from all around the world come here during March and October to see birds and animals which migrate to these areas to escape the summer heat of the plains. It’s hot in the sun, but the cool breeze flowing through the thick forest around us is giving a pleasant feel.

Upon reaching Mahrora, which is somewhere around 1600-1800 m in height, we were dropped off to a point till where our car was able to manage to drive up to. This spot lay a few hundred meters away from the Geeli Miṭṭi Farms as told to us by the cab driver.

We have plenty of baggage and now the big question that arises is how to carry all of it up to the farm. Its heavy and we are just a few people at hand. So we decided to get some help and take the luggage to our destination in two shifts. While the four of us go ahead, carrying as much as possible, Ameen has volunteered to stay back with the rest of our luggage left for the second round. Walking to Geeli Mitti Farms now and it feels great!


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