Mountain Walking

Thoughts on the First Anniversary

Yesterday, when Ameen informed me that The Mountain Walker is one year old, the first thought that came to my mind was that how did he remember and I forget – exactly an year ago, on 2nd May 2016, Mountain Walker Private Limited was officially incorporated and we had published our first post. It feels like I am just getting started.

In the past one year, whenever someone has asked me why The Mountain Walker, my first line in response is “The easiest way to have CEO written as designation under your name is by starting your own company”. The other frequent question is that “What exactly does The Mountain Walker do?” and the answer has changed from a eight to ten word sentence to 500 odd words now.

But jokes apart, it’s been a great year. From arguments, discussions, hard-work, challenges, confusions, to sleepless nights and lazy days, its been an interesting journey so far. It has been all about exploring, thinking and unlearning a lot of stuff while new experiences and adventures keep flowing.

The feedback and support that all our friends (old and new) have given us so far has really improved The Mountain Walker and also me in person.

I would like to thank all of our fellow Mountain Walkers for their support so far and hope they keep on doing so in the coming years, as we welcome our new friends every day.


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