Tanya Munshi Diaries: Packed & Off to the Airport

Monday, 24th April 2017, Mumbai:

Life is all about the journey, and we’ll be the biggest fools to think that life is all about the destination. Don’t get me wrong – destinations are good, but we land up making a mistake that the destination is everything and ultimately don’t enjoy the ride at all. 

When my ground work with The Mountain Walker team began in Mumbai and Pune, I was nervous – that here I am getting a chance to work on this fantastic project, and I have such a brilliant team to work with – but how is it going to be? See, this is where I made the same mistake – I started focusing on the destination or the outcome rather than the journey of learning and evolution.

But then the day arrived, I packed my rucksack, gave a tight bear hug to my daughter and left for the airport. The moment the car started, that’s it, I refocused all my attention in relishing the journey and left everything else to destiny.

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