The Mountain Walker Diaries: Shagun and The Bamboo Loft

25-04-2017, 1230 hours, Geeli Mitti Farms, Mahrora, Uttarakhand, India: 
We met our host Shagun and were warmly welcomed by her. After sipping on a hot cup of tea, we left our baggage in the bamboo loft structure built by Shagun and her accomplices with their own hands and with the help of the local artisans. Well, it doesn’t just go by simply saying that they have done a commendable job in making it. 
The structure is quite big with bamboo used for the walls. Though they have used metal sheets for the roof, one can really feel the natural smell of bamboo and earth once you step inside. From inside, the entire structure is a big dormitory with plenty of beds neatly placed on elevated floors made of bamboo aligned together in a series of steps and terraces.

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