The Mountain Walker Diaries: Food is Served

25-04-2017, 1440 hours, Geeli Mitti Farms, Mahrora, Uttarakhand, India: 
We had lunch comprising rajma, brinjal, rice and roti prepared on a “chulha”. And I have got to say that nothing could have tasted better. 
Abhishek and the rest of the team are resting as of now to rejuvenate themselves, for they have been working right since we landed at Geeli Mitti Farms. The participants of the workshop here are from different countries such as Scotland, Germany and USA, to name a few. Some are from our homeland and are also getting involved in activities such at these, which is good to see.
As today is the weekly off day for the participants, many had gone to a nearby waterfall and are now coming back from their excursion. We had absent-mindedly forgotten one of our cameras in the cab and it was handed over to a participant who has brought it back to us. People are friendly here and are helpful too, lending a hand to each other wherever required. 
Food is Served 01

A unconventional ‘Chulla’, with similar properties to that of a usual ‘Chulla’, where wood is used as fuel in both cases; Photo: Abhinav Kaushal

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