Tanya Munshi Diaries: A Walk in the Hills

Friday, 28th April 2017, Village Mahrora, Uttarakhand, India:

Leaving Ameen to rest for a while, with Abhinav and Achyu out exploring on their own, Abhishek and I decided to walk down to the Maggi Point and further ahead.

We relished hearty bowls of the soupy Maggi with farm fresh mint and peas, and I even shared my bowl of Maggi with Abhishek. It left him slightly baffled as I’m known not to share my food with anyone. I think the mountains do that to you – you learn to share.

After Maggi, we took a walk along the mountains to see the sights on the other side.

I even climbed the few steep stairs to a small Hanuman temple, that was home to a small 12-year-old Hanuman Ji. It was an auspicious day as it was Akshay Tritiya. The sight from the top was beautiful; however, I froze while getting down as I suddenly remembered my fear of stairs, which I had forgotten in a long time. Thanks to Abhishek who offered a helping hand in spite of a leg injury, I managed to step down the steep flight of stairs with his help.

We continued our walk through the winding roads in silence. You will realise it the next time you’re in the hills, how it has the power to silence you and makes you slow down.

A Walk in the Hills 04

The absolutely delicious mint and tea Maggi; Photo: Tanya Munshi

A Walk in the Hills 01

The steep staired Hanuman Temple; Photo:Tanya Munshi

A Walk in the Hills 03

A nice little break; Photo: Abhishek Kaushal

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