Tanya Munshi Diaries: Saying Goodbyes

Friday, 28th April 2017, Geeli Mitti Farms, Village Mahrora, Uttarakhand, India:

I hate saying goodbyes, especially when the experience and the companionship have been so wonderful. I hate to admit that this trip was absolutely perfect and once you have tasted something so perfect – letting go becomes even more difficult. I have been learning to art letting go of people, places and experiences – but this time it became very difficult for me. 

We shook hands and hugged almost everyone who was leaving that day. I sincerely hope we all get to meet soon again.

Kunwar Singh and I too shared some warm cuddly moments. I missed my dog Lisa who’s up in heaven (all dogs go to heaven you know). I told Kunwar I’ll miss him and that I’ll be back soon.

A few team photographs later, we walked down the hill-side, to hop onto our jeep and start our journey to Kathgodam.

 I left my heart back in the mountains and I am unapologetic about it.

Saying Goodbyes 02

Cuddly goodbyes to Kunwar Singh; Photo Courtesy: Tanya Munshi

Saying Goodbyes 03

The Mountain Walker team at Geeli Mitti; Photo: Ganesh

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