Tanya Munshi Diaries: Winding Down

Friday, 28th April 2017, Geeli Mitti Farms, Village Mahrora, Uttarakhand, India:

The day finally arrived when we had to start packing our bags. I watched how there was a heavy silence in the Bamboo Loft – our home. With The Beatles playing at the backdrop, I watched how Bay from England was dancing on her own and packing her rucksack. 

The volunteers and participants, who had been staying there for over a month, were all on their respective beddings, packing their personal items. 

I sat down with Ameen and Abhishek at the Bamboo Loft as we discussed the project work, and then dived back into some fun and laughter. I took photographs of everyone – and for the first time I saw some of them smile for the camera. Thank you Ashish and Kovid for smiling back finally! 

We witnessed Shagun giving certificates to the participants – who became certified Cob House builders. For once I was so jealous of them.

Winding Down 02

Ashish Godara in his fun mode; Photo: Tanya Munshi

Winding Down 03

Just about captured Kovid Bhatt smiling; Photo: Tanya Munshi

Winding Down 04

Abhishek and Ameen relaxing in the Bamboo Loft; Photo: Tanya Munshi

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