The Mountain Walker Diaries: The Indian Tricolour  On The Ridge

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India, 5 July 2017, 1730 hours

The Ridge in Shimla is a vantage point among vantage points. You can see The Ridge – or its thereabouts marked out by the tall Indian Tricolour – from all across the main town.


I believe The Ridge was constructed around 1875 or a few years later, and has since played host to several parades, gatherings and assemblies of great historic importance.

During the July road trip, I spent the better part of an hour on a day, just watching the Tricolour wave against the serene sky as people from all walks went about under its warm embrace. It is one of the singular most inspiring sights on any visit to Shimla, the Indian Tricolour atop The Ridge, fluttering in an august manner as it presides over Shimla, reminding us of our responsibilities and of all that has gone into the making of this great nation.

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