The Mountain Walker Diaries: Notorious Malling Nallah

Malling Nallah, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, India, 10 July 2017, 1010 hours

Once a real raging traffic stopper, Malling Nallah is an unpredictable glory of nature even today.

The Nallah flows down the mountainside, crossing roads and trails at different elevations. Till a few years ago, the road from Khab to Chango used to pass from way below the current road (that passes close to Nako village). On that erstwhile route, the Malling Nallah hit the road at steep angle and came falling through a more lucid soil structure. As a result, the road used to get blocked frequently due to landslides, so much so that there was a JCB (or two) always parked near the Nallah.

Subsequently the BRO constructed a new road and this new road meets the Malling Nallah at a higher elevation with more gradual drops, thus softening the cascade to a more fordable flow.


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