The Wayfarer Diaries: The Mystifying Beas River

22-08-2017, Aut, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India:

Though the monsoon is coming to an end, rainfall has considerably increased in these parts. While some of the valleys here experienced heavy rainfall, some parts witnessed less rainfall. The entire valley has completely transformed with every nook and corner covered in green. It’s just beautiful.

While the forests get nourished by the rain, insects (some of which look like aliens from a SciFi movie) are coming out of the woodwork – like a cricket that came hopping into my room last night (probably escaping the bad weather outside!).

Everything comes to life in this season, including the river. And one of these river is the river Beas. Looking at the river flowing down the valley, roaring with its mighty current, I couldn’t help myself, and walked to its banks. The setting was just amazing – clouds coloured in different hues by the suns rays,  nearby mountains covered in a thick coat of green while a distant mountain peered into the sky from which direction the mighty river came down the valley with its murky water and a thick layer of fog hanging over it. It looks as if a bed sheet had been spread across the river twisting and turning with the river itself. I guess I will sit here a bit longer and just cherish this moment a little longer.


View of river Beas near Aut as the rain stops; Photo: Abhinav Kaushal



The sun light scattering its radiant colours across the clouds in the sky; Photo: Abhinav Kaushal