The Mountain Walker at Pin-Parvati Pass!

10 September, 2017, Notes from Manali:

The Mountain Walker Pin-Parvati trekkers have successfully completed the trek within  7 days and are now starting to unwind at The Apple Cedar House in Manali. All are in good shape and good health.

Led by The Mountain Walker CEO, Abhishek Kaushal, the trekkers included Ameen Shaikh, Swarjit Samajpati, Isha Ray Samajpati, and Sonam Samajpati, and Laxman (Guide). 

First impressions from Swarjit: “Pin Parvati trek keeps you engaged all the way through with constantly changing landscape and mix of adventure activities along the way. All in all it’s a complete trek.”

The team will head back to Delhi and Pune via Chandigarh early next week.
Meanwhile, The Mountain Walker COO, Ameen, said it was quite an exciting week, long-haul walks, valleys, rocky climbs, snowfall, whiteout conditions – stay tuned for detailed accounts in coming weeks!

Team with Guide (Laxman) at Pin Parvati Pass

At Apple Cedar Manali (left to right): Swarjit, Sonam, Abhishek, Isha, and Ameen

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