The Wayfarer Diaries: Friendship Is An Offer of Chewing Gum

16-09-2017, 0712 hours, Gulaba, Himachal Pradesh, India:

Am on my way to Kaza from Manali in a Traveller and my co-passengers are very friendly – I say this because I was offered a chewing gum by a lady sitting across me. 🙂 Everybody seems to be from Spiti in the Traveller, including the driver and his assistant. I say this because all the people wear the look and carry themselves as the people native to these parts – and of course, also because of the local songs being played by our cabbie! And I can feel the beats alright – the woofer is lying right next to me on one of the seats!

As far as Gulaba is concerned, I really love the way the narrow road winds its way like a serpent through the thick forest here. Since the rainy season has just ended, the entire valley is covered with different hues of green. Just loving it!

WM Gulaba 01

Morning view of the mountains at Gulaba, near Manali; Photo: Abhinav Kaushal

WM Gulaba 03

Morning view of the green pastures along the road to Rohtang Pass; Photo: Abhinav Kaushal

WM Gulaba 04

The road at Gulaba through the lush green forest in the rainy season; Photo: Abhinav Kaushal

WM Gulaba 05

The road near Gulaba appears as if a snake is crawling on the ground; Photo: Abhinav Kaushal

WM Gulaba 02

The climb to Rohtang Pass by road. This was earlier a muddy section, making it difficult to drive on during rainy and winter seasons, with traffic congestion which sometimes lasted for 10 hours; Photo: Abhinav Kaushal