Sikkim Diaries: Happy To Be Back in Gangtok!

Gangtok, 10-Oct-2017, 20:12:

After a hearty meal of mutton-rice I tried my level best to keep awake, but I guess the cool mountain breeze on the road to Gangtok got the better of me! During the last visit, after a delicious meal of chicken rice I had literally passed out in the car and this time was no different.

I woke up a while later. Being in the Northeast part of India, it was already dusk by 5:15pm. We reached Gangtok by 6:00pm in a slight drizzle and it was totally dark by now, as compared to Pune where its Dusk around the same time. Passing through the familiar streets below the MG Road, I remembered the hotel of our stay during the last visit to Sikkim. This time around we checked into Hotel Utpala close to MG Road on the  recommendation of our taxi driver. And we got the best room in the hotel: a suite!

I am so glad to be back in Sikkim after all these years, can’t wait to start exploring.

WM Gangtok Suite 01

A luxurious suite to wind down; Photo: Abhishek Kaushal

WM Gangtok Suite 02

We might hit the bed early considering the long day we’ve had; Photo: Abhishek Kaushal