The Ridge, The Church and The Moon at the Queen of Hills

Winters have begun and the effects of it can be felt as the cold dry winds somehow manage to enter from the nooks and corners of the jeans and jackets worn for protection. While stepping out of the house after sunset is a task in itself, the lure of the beauty that bestows itself upon you during this period is something that cannot be ignored or avoided. Clear blue skies in the day with mountains visible up to where the eyes can see towards the horizon, and pitch dark skies in the night with millions of stars shimmering high above your head on moonless nights. And if you are lucky enough to be here on a full moon night you can actually feel the cool and calm rays of the moon falling on you and I suppose I know now why werewolves and vampires like it so much.


Christ Church on The Ridge, Shimla under the mesmerising full moon; Photo: Abhinav Kaushal


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