Dry Winters Ahead?

09-01-2018, 1712 hours, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India:

With almost 10 days over since January 2018, there is still no sign of snow or even rain falling in Shimla, while the greater Himalayan belt and upper parts of Shimla such as Chanshal, Narkanda, Chopal and Kinnaur witnessed a little snowfall. The weather remains mostly clear of clouds and the snow on the nearby mountains near Shimla has also started to melt away. It remains pleasantly warm in the day time in the city. After sunset, the temperatures tend to drop suddenly to as low as -1 °C at night.

Even though last year the weather was completely different at this point of time, with Shimla witnessing a record breaking snowfall of about 2 feet, this year the dry spell has prevailed and according to IMD (Indian Meteorological Department) it is predicted that it will be clear for the next seven days also.

The weather is apparently changing everywhere with every passing year as global warming has started to take its toll on our planet. Though the residents believe it might snow before the end of January, till now the chances are quite bleak.

WM No Snow 01

The sun sets on a dry Shimla; Photo: Abhinav Kaushal


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