The Mountain Walker Launches Custom Tours to Sikkim

Last week, one of our friends called up to apologetically check if we had any information and suggestions on how to plan a good value-for-money trip to Sikkim or Ladakh. So, after a good 15-minute conversation, she said: “You guys should really offer Tour planning services to the destinations you write about.”

And we were like: “But we already do. It’s all there on the Tours and Packages tab on the top menu.”

“Oh! I must have missed that! Well, you should be a bit more visible and remind your readers that you also have services apart from the great content you provide.”

And so here we are. First up today, is the launch of our latest Tour Packages suite: To Sikkim. And we say ‘portfolio’ because we offer not 1, not 2, but 4 different Tour options for different requirements. You can check out the details at: Sikkim Packages.

And stay tuned for more news on our services!

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