The Wayfarer Diaries: From The Fire To The Frying Pan

15-02-2018, Mudkilla, Galyang Municipality, Syangja District, Ghandki Zone, Nepal:

We were half way through our climb to Kot when I spotted a man and a woman sitting in a field making utensils in the traditional manner. The mixture of aluminium and some other metals in lesser quantities was first melted and then put inside the mould. The mould was made of soil leaving a small opening for the liquid metal to be poured through. After the metal cooled, it was taken out of its mould and the rough edges would be rubbed off giving it the final finishing touches. The art of making utensils like this is very old and is slowly disappearing over time.

WM Fire to Frying Pan 01

The traditional utensil factory amongst the fields; Photo: Abhinav Kaushal


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