The Mountain Walker Diaries: A Room With A View in Mumbai

Mumbai, Maharashtra, March 25, 2018:

There’s something surreal about traveling into Mumbai by road and then staying over for an early morning flight. Surreal in the sense that one moment you are driving through miles of concrete jostling with a hundred other vehicles for every inch of Tarmac and then, you find yourself transfixed as the sun sets and the city transforms by night.

Am in Andheri at the moment, near the International Airport and it’s quite mesmerising to watch the procession of vehicles, a very different experience from watching the same during the day time.

I grew up in Mumbai (Bombay then), and this is truly a city that never sleeps- very few like it anywhere in the world. Tomorrow I head to the Far Blue Mountains as my friend, Dmess would say. For the moment, am happy to be back and happy to be transfixed by the bright lights like a newcomer.

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