Treks and Expeditions Calendar 2018

We at The Mountain Walker believe that treks are an effective and enjoyable way to test one’s endurance. Apart from the physical and mental tests, these treks also allow you to get away from the daily grind in style and serenity, as you ascend and descend through breathtaking scenery.

As an endeavour to help interested individuals and groups in better experiencing the Himalayas and in turn explore their own selves, The Mountain Walker along with its partner network is organizing the following treks and expeditions in 2018. Apart from these, the option of customised treks and expeditions is also available.

Trek/ExpeditionFromToTrek Start/End
Har Ki Dun Trek16-May-1821-May-18Dehradun
Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib Trek29-May-1803-Jun-18Dehradun
Nanda Ghunti Expedition30-May-1816-Jun-18Dehradun
Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib Trek15-Aug-1822-Aug-18Dehradun
Dayara Bugyal Trek25-Aug-1830-Aug-18Dehradun
Gaumukh Trek01-Sep-1806-Sep-18Dehradun
Gaumukh Trek29-Sep-1804-Oct-18Dehradun
Kedartal Trek29-Sep-1804-Oct-18Dehradun
Kushkalyan Bugyal Trek29-Sep-1804-Oct-18Dehradun
Mt. Rudugaira Expedition10-Oct-1821-Oct-18Dehradun
Gaumukh Trek14-Oct-1819-Oct-18Dehradun
Kushkalyan Bugyal Trek14-Oct-1819-Oct-18Dehradun
Aadu Top Trek (Brahmital)03-Nov-1809-Nov-18Dehradun
Dodital Trek03-Nov-1809-Nov-18Dehradun
Aadu Top Trek (Brahmital)17-Nov-1823-Nov-18Dehradun
Dodital Trek17-Nov-1823-Nov-18Dehradun
Kushkalyan Bugyal Trek01-Dec-1806-Dec-18Dehradun
Aadu Top Trek (Brahmital)22-Dec-1828-Dec-18Dehradun

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