Celebrating Two Years of The Mountain Walker Experience

“There is no happiness for him who does not travel, Rohita! Thus we have heard. Living in the society of men, the best man becomes a sinner… therefore, wander! The fortune of him who is sitting, sits; it rises when he rises; it sleeps when he sleeps; it moves when he moves. Therefore, wander!” ― Aitareya Brahmanan in the Rigveda

It’s that time of the year again, when we look — back on another year gone by; forward to what is in the dream pipeline; all around to humbly realise where we are through the incessant support of our cherished travel community. It has been two years since we formally embarked on this journey and each passing day gives us the strength and resolve to keep doing our bit for the Himalayas.

One of the first major milestones of our second year was the joining of Swarjit Samajpati to our team as a Travel Consultant. It was a crucial step to vitalise our operations in North East India as well as further nurture the trekking and mountaineering expeditions side of the organisation.

Our second year was full of continued focus of our team on travel explorations, content media, and travel services. We successfully completed the Pin Parvati Pass trek in September 2017 and then tried our hands (and hips, knees and feet) on a reccé Winter Trek to Brahmital Lake in February 2018. Considerable amount of time was spent traveling in Sikkim and Nepal, experiencing the common as well as the lesser knowns. We also took an active part in the Spiti Festival 2017, doing our bit in helping the organisers with the preparations for the show and then carrying out a comprehensive coverage of the event.

While we finally launched The Mountain Walker Instagram account on one hand, we also proudly featured women in various ways – Himani Sharma’s aspirations as a youngster from a Himalayan state; Ambika Bhardwaj’s travels through Daastan-e-Musafir and Chalain; Himalayan Travel Diaries (in collaboration with Tanya Munshi) from Poyani Mehta, Swati Harsha, Munira Dalal and Dr. Sunita Rajani; and first-hand experiences of the Pin Parvati Pass trek from our fellow team members Sonam Samajpati and Isha Ray Samajpati.

As our services arm gained momentum with a three-fold increase in revenue, we further enhanced our service offerings by adding Sikkim Tour packages as well as releasing the Treks and Expeditions Calendar for 2018 through our growing network of partners and associates. Furthermore, we are commemorating this special day by launching our Bhutan Tour packages today.

The prospective agenda for the coming year will see The Mountain Walker expanding its team to better accomplish the mission of the organisation. Efforts to bring the entire travel community closer thorough various pro-active means will be one of the primary focus areas and we will also implement various methods of formulating and offering our media products for public consumption.


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