Gotcha! A Brown Trout

20 May 2018, Teerthan Valley, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India:

Just got this from Neet Prakash in Teerthan Valley. That is a whopper of a Brown Trout considering the usual size of trouts one manages to catch in the Teerthan (around 400 grams to a kilo once in a while). This Brown Trout weighed in at One kilo and Nine hundred grams! Neet caught it at Faghu Phul (it’s around 13 kilometres towards Aut from Nagni in Teerthan Valley). Neetu is a Fly Fishing instructor with the Himalayan Trout House in Nagni – the premier and most definitive anglers paradise and hangout in Teerthan Valley.

It’s raining off and on these days in the Teerthan Valley and the Teerthan river is running full, but avid anglers are at it for the love of the sport. The Himalayan Trout House is pretty much sold out as seems to the case with most hotels in the Teerthan Valley with a lot of tourists including this destination into their holiday and getaway itineraries.

As for us, we are waiting to get back to the fishing soon.


The huge Brown Trout caught at Faghu Phul by Neet Prakash

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