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Nanda Ghunti Expedition Preparations Start

We are in Dehradun and have started the preparations for the upcoming Nanda Ghunti Expedition. The excitement for the expedition has already started as Shashi and Guneet of Bohemian Adventures are pooling in their combined mountaineering experience to make a detailed list of all materials that would be required during the expedition. Based on the itinerary and location of various camps during the expedition, minutest aspects are being taken into consideration, especially for food items and the menu.

The key focus while deciding the menu (and the associated food items to be bought and carried) is the calorie intake that will be required, especially at the higher camps. As one climbs higher into the mountains, the body consumes more energy and it gets difficult to sustain normal intake of the required quantity of meals. Keeping oneself adequately hydrated is also of prime importance to assist in better acclimatisation at high altitudes. The food items to be carried should be easy to cook and factors like weight and quantity also play a major role in this decision. It becomes tricky here because the balance between not carrying anything extra but getting the maximum energy out of the meals at the same time is crucial.

We have checked all the existing stock of materials and segregated them so that it will be easier during packing and load preparations. The next agenda is to head out to buy the remaining necessary materials as per the finalised check-list and get those ready for the expedition.

Nanda Ghunti Expedition Preparation Discussions

Details of Nanda Ghunti Expedition being discussed by Shashi and Guneet of Bohemian Adventures; Photo: Swarjit Samajpati

Nanda Ghunti Expedition Preparation Check

Existing stock of materials being checked; Photo: Swarjit Samajpati

Nanda Ghunti Expedition Preparation Materials

All materials laid out for segregation; Photo: Swarjit Samajpati

Nanda Ghunti Expedition Preparation Utensils

Utensils being checked and readied; Photo: Swarjit Samajpati

Nanda Ghunti Expedition Preparation Menu

The exhaustive menu for Nanda Ghunti Expedition; Photo: Swarjit Samajpati


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