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A Day in the Lives of Ants

I believe one of the most fascinating creatures ever to walk the earth are ants and today I recorded “A Day in the Lives of Ants”. These tiny ones have been on the planet for more than a hundred million years, and have managed to survive some of the most fatal catastrophes earth has seen.

Able to lift ten times their own weight and quite unstoppable as a team, ants really prove that they can bring even an elephant down. And today, I managed to capture one of these special moments showcasing the strength of ants – they actually took a half eaten earthworm right up a wall into their nest.

It all began when I stumbled upon a skink swallowing a live earthworm. As I got closer to get a better look, I saw an ant also trying to bite a share out of the victim. But I guess I somehow scared the skink and it ran away, expelling the earthworm out. The earthworm was still moving and expecting that the skink would return for what was left of it, I sat there waiting for some time, but the skink didn’t return.

I could still spot the ant lingering around the half-eaten, half-alive earthworm. Eventually, it became a group of about 10-15 ants surrounding the earthworm. The earthworm twisted and twirled with whatever little energy it had left, with the ants biting on its flesh to get a decent grip to pull the load. It all got interesting as suddenly the earthworm started shifting when the ants started pulling it to their nest, which was through a small hole in the nearly perpendicular garden wall, about a feet and a half up from the ground where the body lay.

Out of curiosity of how exactly would the ants manage to take the body to their nest, I sat there and shot this time-lapse video which I would like to share with you guys. It was an amazing experience to witness these tiny little creatures proving their mettle and their will to survive. Hats off!

Skink Eating Earthworm

A skink eating the earthworm; Photo: Abhinav Kaushal

A Day In The Lives of Ants

A Day in the Lives of Ants; Photo: Abhinav Kaushal

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