The Mountain Walker Diaries: By The Rimbi River

Rimbi, West Sikkim, Sikkim, India, 17 June 2018, 1219 hours:

We just got off the road at a little tourist stop called Orange Garden to see the Rimbi Khola, a tributary of the Rangeet River.

At first, I was kind of hoping to get down to the river and back up as soon as possible since it was a touristy setup and I was certain there would be a crowd of selfie-takers posing for their cameras with the river as a backdrop.

And while the selfie-artists were there, it was just a small walk downstream to find solitude with the river.

We meet a couple of local youngsters, one was fishing along the river and after a quick chat, he hoped, skipped and jumped further downstream for that perfect spot to catch lunch.

Eventually we spent more than an hour by the river, watching the water rush by, giggling and gurgling its way past boulders and rocks and trees and jungle alike.


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