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Har Ki Dun – 4 Years Apart

Har Ki Dun is one of the most popular treks in Uttrakhand and I first did this trek in 2014. The trek starts from Taluka village (located in Supin Valley, at an altitude 2091 m), across lush green forests, and through the remote Himalayan villages of Gangaad, Seema and Osla. As the trail weaves through the beautiful countryside, one gets great glimpses of typical life in the Himalayan villages.

In May 2018, I returned to Har Ki Dun after a span of 4 years – a long duration for any place to change. Time however, has stood still in this valley.

Most of the Himalayan villages which are now connected by road have undergone change, switching from traditional houses to concrete structures. In the Supin Valley, the only connecting road is the trail itself, which has preserved the traditional way of life of the villages in this area for good, and one can still enjoy the sights of traditional Himalayan wooden houses. The only change which has hit this valley has been the commercialisation of the Har Ki Dun trek, due to which one can see far more people visiting the area.

The beauty of this valley is that it is accessible in all seasons. In 2014, the entire valley was covered in a white sheet of snow due to late snowfall, while in May 2018, these snow fields had turned to green meadows, portraying a totally contrasting view.

Here are few images from my treks in 2014 and 2018:


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