Mother Nature’s Winter Sketchbook

During any drive in the mountains in any season, the views change with every corner of the road that you turn, but it is all a very fast-moving canvas. Walking, on the other hand, makes one realise, acknowledge and capture the subtle changes in figurines and designs all across one’s field of vision.

Through the course of our visit to Spiti in the middle of winters, I observed that it was the snow that was the primary medium in Mother Nature’s Winter Sketchbook. In the otherwise barren landscape, the snow created so many unique patterns and features.

Direction of snowfall and associated winds determined which part of the mountain was white and which parts remained brown scree and rocks. And even on the parts where it had snowed, the direction of the winds and sun rays in the subsequent days determined which part would let go of its snowy mask. I think that had it not been for the snow, such minor details of all the geological features wouldn’t have been so easily visible.

I feel that it’s great that I went to Spiti in winters to get a chance to witness such beautiful art. I’m sure a trip in some other season would throw up some other amazing views and sights that would have a charm of their own. These winter-scapes however were totally mesmerising and of a different league. Every few minutes some new vision manifested itself and I am pleased to share a few of them here.

Winter Sketchboard 12Winter Sketchboard 11Winter Sketchboard 10Winter Sketchboard 08Winter Sketchboard 06Winter Sketchboard 05Winter Sketchboard 04Winter Sketchboard 03Winter Sketchboard 02Winter Sketchboard 01

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