ShaikhSpear Diaries: Decoding Dressing Sense

3:10 am, 11-Feb-2019, Pune, Maharashtra, India:

The flight is delayed so I have time to indulge in some additional observation and try to understand human behaviour. While roaming around the airport complex earlier, I had spotted the passengers in different dresses but didn’t really give much thought to it since I thought that the weather at the destination to which those people were traveling must be governing their dressing sense.

Right now, I’m at the boarding gate where everyone is flying to Delhi. I know how harsh the dry winters of Delhi are, and considering the snowfall in Shimla, I think Delhi will be in it’s best (or worst maybe) winter mode.

However, some of the passengers here at the gate don’t seem to be aptly dressed to handle the Delhi cold once we land. I’m not sure whether they are extremely adaptive to weather changes or just simply oblivious of how weather change affects the body within a very short time.

I’m prepared pretty well to gradually put on required layers as soon as I get off the aircraft in Delhi. At the same time, I hope these fashionistas don’t err too extremely for want of comfort or lack of knowledge.

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