ShaikhSpear Diaries: Off To My Snow Abode

12:00 am, 11-Feb-2019, Pune, Maharashtra, India:

After a really long gap, I’m back on the road again. And I’m kinda glad that I’m going to Shimla – a place I still like calling my “hometown”, even though I’ve been settled in Pune for the past 12 odd years.

What’s really exciting for me is that after a really long time, Shimla has witnessed continuous spells of snowfall – 6 so far, in fact. And there’s prediction for even more in the coming days. Ooohhh… Snow all around!

It will be a nostalgic experience for me, revisiting some of our childhood haunts in Shimla, where we used to spend fun-filled days playing in the snow with friends as well as visiting relatives.

Although it is a short and quick trip, the snow in Shimla means that I had to pack a lot of warm clothes, comprising different top and bottom layers. And a rucksack is best suited for packing all these things into, and for carrying around on the journey.

The journey itself has its own tone this time round, as I’m flying to Delhi and then taking a HRTC (Himachal Road Transport Corporation) Volvo bus to Shimla.

I’ve started the first phase of the journey now – to Pune airport. It’s a long night ahead so I have enough time to get back into the mode of sharing my thoughts and experiences yet again.

Be back in an hour or two…

New avatar but same old rucksack!

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