ShaikhSpear Diaries: Of Views And Weather Predictions

9:10 am, 13-Feb-2019, Theog, Himachal Pradesh, India:

The skies are pretty clear today, with very few clouds. After we picked up Sanjay Mehta from Sanjauli, my first thought was to check out the view towards Shaali Tibba from Charabra. Although Shaali Tibba looked crisp and clear, the mountains beyond were all covered in quite a thick cover of snow. There were however, clouds looming around these high peaks and it seems the prediction of snowfall for tomorrow and day after might come true.

Shaali Tibba seen from Charabra

We’ve stopped at Theog to fill petrol in the car and then we’ll head off on the Rohru road. Another stop for breakfast and tea will be made somewhere along the way, after which we’ll aim to reach Kharapathar at the earliest.

The Mountain Walker team ready for another fun filled experience

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