‘ShaikhSpear in Himachal’ now on Kindle

Pune, Maharashtra, India, July 14, 2019:

The Mountain Walker is pleased to announce that its first title, ShaikhSpear in Himachal, is now available on Kindle. Readers can purchase ShaikhSpear in Himachal Kindle edition from Amazon here.

The book, authored by co-Founder and COO, Ameen Shaikh, has been consistently making the Top 15 paperback bestseller list in the Diaries, Letters, & Journals category on  Amazon India. Readers can purchase ShaikhSpear in Himachal paperback edition from Amazon India here.

The Mountain Walker CEO, Abhishek Kaushal, explained the move to release the Kindle edition. “In India, the paperback has been doing very well. The eBook has also picked up some sales in US, UK and India. Kindle will provide us with the much needed global reach, since Amazon is the worldwide leader in digital book sales and it has a fantastic presence across North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia, which are the markets where we have travellers and potential readers of our kind of books on the Himalayas.”

He also explained that it was a deliberate move to release the Kindle edition after the paperback launch since it is based on reader demand and feedback from our worldwide followership.

The Mountain Walker has a global followership of 73,000 across different media.


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