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Himachal gets its own Cycling Association

28-07-2019, Indra Gandhi Sports Complex, The Mall, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India: In an attempt to engage more and more people towards cycling and give structure to all the cycling activities in the state a meeting had been conducted on 28-07-2019 in presence of Sh. Rajesh Bhandari (Secretary, Himachal Pradesh Olympic association) and Sh. Raj Kumar Nittu (President H.P. Kabbadi Association) and Sh. Bali Ram Sharma (District sports officer) at Indra Gandhi Sports Complex, Shimla to form a state level cycling association . The meeting was also joined by various representatives from the seven districts of the state namely Kangra, Shimla, Kullu, Mandi, Chamba, Kinnaur, Bilaspur and Hamirpur.

A total of 38 delegates were present at the occasion from the above mentioned districts formulating the general assembly for the same. The association has also been formulated with a vision to facilitate the cyclists of the state with utmost facilities to give Olympic level athletes. It also aims to build international standard infrastructure for avid cyclists in the state.

The following nine members were selected unanimously by the general assembly at the meeting:

  • NAME                                                       DESIGNATION

  • 1. Sh. Dinesh Malhotra                                        President

  • 2. Sh. Sanjay sood                                               Sr. Vice President

  • 3.Sh. Rajesh Sharma                                           Vice President

  • 4.Sh. Mohit Sood                                                 General Secretary

  • 5.Sh. Iqbal Singh                                                   Treasurer

  • 6. Sh. Amresh Mehta                                           Joint Secretary

  • 7.Sh. Kuldeep Thakur                                         Joint Secretary

  • 8.Sh. Vikrant Thakur                                   Office Secretary

  • 9. Sh. Vipul Sood                                           Media Secretary

  • CAHP President Dinesh Malhotra addressing the crowd at the meeting; Photo: Vipin Thakur

    Representatives from the various districts present at the occasion; Photo: Vipin Thakur

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