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Winter is almost here, in fact, some parts of the Himalayas have already received snowfall. And with winter approaching, many people are getting ready to travel to the mountains to either enjoy the snow or brave the cold weather, specially around Christmas time. For the past few weeks, we have been getting inquiries about our Winter trips and also about preparations that are necessary for winter travel.

Thought it might be a good time to share some smart rules I follow on basic clothing, so that you can stay healthy during the winters while enjoying those vacations.

  • Do some research about the holiday destination that you will be travelling to during the winters. Information on factors like temperature, altitude, snow, a slight weather forecast (which in most cases won’t be reliable but still would help you to prepare), weather pattern of past 2-3 years during the same period, etc. is really helpful. After gathering all this: always prepare for the worse, especially during the winters. How does this affect your travel? For starters, it affects the amount and material of the clothes that one will carry for the trip.
  • One of the major issues while travelling in winters is the size and weight of the luggage. This can be optimised by being smart while carrying warm clothes. Bigger and thicker the clothing, heavier and more difficult it will be to pack. Hence, following the mountaineering or trekking kind of packing (meaning carrying and wearing clothes in layers rather than carrying one thick one, will not only make your luggage lightweight, but will also ensure effective space utilisation.
  • The most important focus point is to make sure that your head, chest and feet are warm, hence make sure you are carrying good quality clothing to protect these three.
  • Also, while packing make sure that some warm clothes are easily accessible if you are travelling from a hot place to a cold place. So that you can start protecting yourself from the cold as soon as the weather starts getting colder without opening your entire luggage to take out warm clothes.
  • And here’s the Magic Tip: Never wait for your body to start feeling cold and then react. Just like, to keep our body healthy, we should never be starving or stay thirsty (both indicating that the body has lost a lot of energy or is already dehydrating), similarly, when travelling to a cold place, it is smart to be proactive rather than reactive.

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