Barog Tunnel

Fun Fact Sunday

Barog tunnel is the longest tunnel on the UNESCO World Heritage Kalka Shimla Railway. The 1,143 meter long tunnel was the longest in the world at the time of its construction. It is numbered “33” out of the total 103 numbered tunnels on the rail line. All trains travelling on the Kalka Shimla route have their longest stop at this station.

Barog is named after a British Colonel Barog, who was the Engineer-in-Charge of building this tunnel. He instructed his team to dig from both sides of the mountain simultaneously, but realised subsequently that the alignment was wrong. The British government fined Colonel Barog for this error, and humiliated by this incident, Colonel Barog committed suicide.

The second attempt of making the tunnel by aligning two opposite ends was an equally difficult task and it was only with the help of Baba Bhalku that finally the tunnel was completed in 1903. In 2011, a rail museum named after Baba Bhalku was inaugurated near the old local bus stand in Shimla. Travellers can visit this museum to find more information about the history and see various historical items used on the railway line.

Barog Tunnel; Photo: Ameen Shaikh
The “Toy” Train at Barog station of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Kalka Shimla Railway; Photo: Ameen Shaikh

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