Gupta Restaurant, Yuksom, Sikkim

Himalayan Pit Stop

What is a real Multi Cuisine restaurant? Well, if you are ever in Sikkim, head for Gupta Restaurant in Yuksom, and you’ll find out.

Established (and still run) by Raju Gupta 25 years ago, this little eatery is an awesome place to try local Sikkimese, Continental, Indian, and even Mexican dishes- in Gupta style of course.

We met the young Abisek Gupta, Raju’s son. Abisek, like many other Sikkimese and Himalayan youth, helps with the family business during holidays. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s in Pharmacy in Himachal Pradesh.

We were there for two meals during our visit to Yuksom and whole heartedly recommend Raju Gupta’s Chilly Chicken, Momos, Fried Rice and Chowmein. Amiable service, local information, interesting conversation and wholesome food is what this place serves up very well.

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