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One Fine (Misty) Day In Sikkim

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One of the most amazing aspects of life in the Himalayas is walking through misty mountain roads.It starts off as a casual stroll, and then you find yourself alone, on a stretch of the road that winds itself somewhere into the distance … and before you know it, you are walking into the unknown, listening to drip-drops, rustles and whistles, as your feet take on a mind of their own, and venture into a dense blanket of white that hides everything except a few feet of hazy trees, and surreal objects. The sounds are a guide, but are they? Depending on who yo are, and what state of mind you happen to be in, it could be eerie, creepy, exciting, serene, peaceful … I have always thought about it (and still do): it’s not the place but what we think and feel that defines the experience we have of the place.  There are reams and reams of stories (some classic literature even) about the eerie silence, the tranquil environs, the peaceful feeling, the creepy and yet exciting … well, I will let you figure our for yourself. 

This video is from a walk I took along a surprisingly well-paved stretch of the road just out of Pelling towards Shingshore Bridge in Sikkim. I loved the walk. I always do. Even when I am looking over my shoulder and then bump into someone when I turn back to face the road ahead! 

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