The Road to Kaza Hardcover Sold Out in 1 Week

The Mountain Walker team thanks its members, subscribers and readers for their overwhelming support. The 5th title of our Publishing line The Road to Kaza, authored by Founder Sanjay Mukherjee, was released in Hardcover format on 4 November 2020 and within a week, the first print run is sold out. The last 3 copies are awaiting dispatch to buyers.

We are glad to have reached an important milestone so soon and have already started the second print run.

This book is a digital age diary — it includes Sanjay’s thoughts and feelings as recorded in the writings, audio, photographs and videos that he created during the winter trip to Spiti in 2017. Sanjay has travelled many times to Spiti and considers Spiti one of the most fascinating parts of India — the people are warm, hospitable and the culture is intuitively in sync with the natural environment.

The objective of the book is to present Spiti as Sanjay experienced it, to provide the insights into the culture and the people as he experienced them. To present the questions he encountered and the answers he arrived at. To illustrate the personality and the daily habits of the people he met and to state what he felt about their way of life, as he felt it.

Advanced booking for the Hardcover version is open at the following sites, with a 10 day waiting period:

The Mountain Walker website
Amazon India

The eBook version of The Road to Kaza was released on 30 September 2020 and has been selling well. The eBook is available at the following sites:

The Mountain Walker website
Google Play Books

Grab your copies now!

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