Tanya Munshi

Tanya Munshi
Tanya Munshi

Tanya Munshi

The Mountains don’t seek attention. They are too huge and have stood the test of time to seek attention from lesser mortals. Unlike the seas, these silent mountains don’t hide anything – they reveal everything to you in various seasons and times. They just humbly yet strongly remind you how to let go of that ego and make you realise that you’re a part of the universe and there’s something way bigger than you can even imagine. Visit a mountain once and you’ll leave a part of you behind.  

Born and raised in Delhi, Asansol and finally Mumbai, Tanya is an army daughter who loves travelling, writing and of course food (both cooking and eating). For Tanya, the country is her home because with all her travels, she has learned to embrace the nuances of various regions and has realised that in all the diversity, we are all connected.

She has travelled extensively throughout Southern India through road trips and staying at various places right, from Pune (before heading to the South), Kochi, Vishakhapatnam, Ezhimala and Coonoor. In spite of living right next to the sea for several years, the mountains have been the one element that have always drawn her strongly in all her trips.

No matter where she’s lived, Tanya has been writing non-stop for almost 16 years now. Right from penning down books for children, creating learning modules in e-learning, to working as an editor for a number of UK operated websites, she has worked on content creation projects at international levels.

Tanya has written for several top brands: IL&FS – ETS, Yatra.com, The Hindu, World of Moms (from the House of FirstCry.com), Buzzintown, Spiceroute and WomansEra, to name a few. She strongly believes in ‘sharpening the saw’ – that learning never stops and that with every challenge and failure, there’s a lesson and opportunity waiting to be discovered.

She is the Founder of The Lifestyle Portal that specialises in entrepreneur profiling for over six years now. She’s a single mum to a four and a half-year-old spritely little girl and spends most of her time writing, and reviewing restaurants in Mumbai.

Life’s lessons have taught her to turn every challenge into an opportunity, and so she has trained in:

  • Parent-Child Attachment Play Practitioner Training, UK
  • Skilled Parenting Techniques from Faber/ Mazlish Workshops, USA
  • Storytelling – with the hope to spread the message of more meaningful parent-child relationships across the world that desperately needs some love and warmth starting with the family.

Her association with The Mountain Walker is to give a different perspective of the mountains to our readers. Tanya will add a different tone to the cheer and laughter in the work that we do and lend a helping hand to the team to achieve a larger goal and reach many more milestones.