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A Year Older… Many Years Younger

It’s always been about journeys, rather than destinations. And this one has been amazing to the core. So many people, so many lessons, so many bonds, so many of so much more […]


Himalayan Homecoming: Life in the Fast Lane

Ameen Shaikh describes how his experiences of coming back home to the hills have drastically changed over a period of 16 odd years due to the widespread “development” taking place all around the hills and mountains.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Will I Make it Through the Walk

Ameen Shaikh fights doubt, uncertainty, and fear, as he prepares and acclimatises for his first long distance, high altitude trek at the ripe age of 34. These are notes from his preparation for The Mountain Walker Bhabha-Pin Valley Trek in September 2016.

ShaikhSpear Winter Trip 2017 Diaries: Lost in Time

​I’ve had no reference of time since morning. Even though I made a few calls earlier in the day and saw the watch, the actual time didn’t register at any of the […]

ShaikhSpear Winter Trip 2017 Diaries: Finally Off to Kaza

​The first time I had heard about Kaza was in 1999, when Abhishek had gone there to officiate for the Raid De Himalaya. He and I had officiated a post together in […]

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