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Glimpses of Chamba Dussehra 2016

In October 2016, The Mountain Walker Team was in the town of Chamba to witness Dusherra festival. It was a wonderful opportunity to see the festivities, and what followed was a treat […]


“All Good Things Are Wild And Free”

Furious streams, nerve wracking boulder-bridge crossings, serene meadows, rock climbing in the company of lofty snow-clad mountains, and life! Human Resources professional, Isha Ray Samajpati, discovers the real-life colours of her childhood paintings on her maiden Pin Parvati Trek.

Confessions of a Software Tester on Her First High-Altitude Himalayan Trek

Delhi-based Software Testing professional and first-time high altitude trekker to the Himalayas, Sonam Samajpati undertook the Pin Parvati Trek in Himachal Pradesh with The Mountain Walker in September 2017. Scared, tired, fearful, unable to go on, elated, exhilarated, tired … this is her story of self-discovery beyond the myth of her self-image, as she faced the ultimate test of her life thus far.

The Mountain Walker on YouTube: Woman of Steel

Meet Vidya Sharma, also known as Mela Ram Aunty. We got the opportunity to actually see her at work, getting up early, tending to the cows, going to the fields, getting grass […]

The Mountain Walker YouTube Channel nominated for the Indian Blogger Awards

The Mountain Walker is pleased to announce that our YouTube Channel has been nominated for the Indian Blogger Awards. Do visit the links and provide your comments and testimonials as a part […]

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