Testimonial: A Tour I Wish to Repeat

Mr. Ravindra Nath Tiwari contacted The Mountain Walker to configure a custom trip for his family vacation. The Mountain Walker planned and executed a 12 nights/13 days tour to Spiti for the family in July 2017.

We have been fortunate to have received encouraging and motivating feedback from Mr. Tiwari. A happy family after a great trip is one of the critical factors that drive us at The Mountain Walker to further enhance and improve the holiday experiences that we provide.

Mr. Tiwari’s full testimonial can be read here: A Tour I Wish to Repeat


Swarjit Samajpati is Travel Consultant @ The Mountain Walker

The Mountain Walker is pleased to announce that Swarjit Samajpati has joined The Mountain Walker as Travel Consultant.

With his wide variety of travel experiences and global project management exposure, Swarjit will handle Business Development and Product Development responsibilities at The Mountain Walker. His full profile can be viewed at Swarjit Samajpati.

The Mountain Walker Diaries: Sutlej Through Nichar

Nichar, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, India, 7 July 2017, 1140 hours

We have been stopping all along the way, and looking at the mountains and the Sutlej. But here we are now, standing right over and I have to say it is ‘The’ Sutlej, and it is exciting, scary, and mesmerising all at the same time.

This is one raging river, and standing on the edge of this precipice, I am mindful of keeping my eye and feet firmly away from the absolute edge, because just the sound of that river is enough to knock you off balance.

Nichar is a tehsil in Kinnaur and we are about to get to Karcham from where we will follow the Baspa River to to Sangla.

The Mountain Walker Diaries: Sutlej At Rampur

Rampur, Himachal Pradesh, India, 6 July 2017, 2030 hours

We are at Rampur, well, just on the outskirts of Rampur actually. After a good four-and-a-half hours drive from Shimla to Narkanda to Kumharsain, we decided to take a night halt at Rampur instead of pushing on to Sangla. Decision made, we conferred with our driver Manish, then called the Ops team to check for bookings in Rampur, and by the time we reached, we had rooms booked at the HPTDC hotel, Bushahr Regency.

Sutlej at Rampur 01
The Sutlej at Rampur; Photo: sanjay mukherjee 

Hot pakodas and chai later, I took a walk to Rampur town, which is 2 kilometres from the hotel, and got some stuff that we had forgotten when we had started that morning – cold cream, baby-wipes for the little one, and so on.

Rampur has a great history. Located on the banks of the Sutlej river, at a relatively low altitude of 1005 metres (3,350 feet) above sea-level, Rampur was the winter capital of the erstwhile Bushahr state. It was a very important trading and cultural centre in centuries gone by, attracting people from all the hill states (28 in all) and Tibet for trade and commerce. In fact, even today, there is a fair in Rampur wherein villagers from all over come to trade cattle, crafts, cloth, and other ware.

The walk did me a world of good, and hot food served with generous portions ensured that we were good and ready for a well-deserved rest … after a bit of TV watching.

Tomorrow morning, we intend to hit the road early so that we can get to Sangla for a late lunch. We have lost a day by taking this night halt, but it was a good decision since we are all relaxed and rested. It’s a holiday, so gotta stop worrying about schedules.


Dash Video: Shimla in The Monsoons

Quick short on the sounds of Shimla after a shower.

The Mountain Walker launches ’60s Dash’ videos series

Pune, August 1, 2017:

As part of its ongoing effort to create meaningful and useful content related to high-altitude mountains, The Mountain Walker is pleased to announce its latest category of video-content: The 60s Dash.

Dash videos are 60 seconds or less, and are aimed at providing bite-sized content that can be consumed quickly. Individual videos have specific goals – to showcase a land, share experience, local culture, information, activity – singular goals achieved in 60 seconds or less.

We look forward to your feedback and to your continued support. Follow us on YouTubeYouTube, Instagram, WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter – and thank you for the support!

Check out our Incredible Spiti 60s Dash video.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 1.13.09 PM


Our Next Testimonial

The Mountain Walker planned and executed a custom services trip for Mr. Ramasubramanian and his family in June 2017. We have been fortunate to have received constructive feedback from Mr. Ramasubramanian and eagerly look forward to provide more of such vacations to him and his family.

Mr. Ramasubramanian’s testimonial can be read here.

The Mountain Walker Pin Parvati Trek September 2017

Pin Parvati Pass at 5319 m (17450 feet) is a high altitude mountain pass that connects the Parvati valley in Kullu district to Pin valley in Lahaul and Spiti district  of  Himachal Pradesh, India.

The Mountain Walking Experience – September 2017 Trek

The Mountain Walker is pleased to announce that the next Mountain Walking Experience is scheduled for September 2017. This time, we will enjoy and experience one of the most famous treks in India – Pin Parvati Trek.

The Mountain Walker on YouTube: Shaali Monsoon Walk

So what is the purpose of travel?

Maybe also to discover one’s self.

What keeps one going on and on, on one’s own, alone, on a 4 hour hike up dense forests, towards an elusive peak shrouded in mist, with no company but nature in all its glory?