The Mountain Walker on YouTube: Shaali Monsoon Walk

So what is the purpose of travel?

Maybe also to discover one’s self.

What keeps one going on and on, on one’s own, alone, on a 4 hour hike up dense forests, towards an elusive peak shrouded in mist, with no company but nature in all its glory?


The Mountain Walker on YouTube: Baspa River

What is the point of traveling?

To do what you want to, where you want to.

Like sitting on a rock on the Baspa River at Chitkul and watching it flow through Sangla Valley in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, India.

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The Mountain Walker on YouTube: सर्दीयों में कीह गोंपा (Key Monastery in Winters)

Find out more about Key Monastery located in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India, especially the winter perspective as seen by The Mountain Walker team during their Winter Trip to Spiti in January 2017.

We are One Year Old…

Today, The Mountain Walker completes one year of existence. On 2nd May 2016, Mountain Walker Private Limited was officially incorporated and our website went live with our first post. We started by publishing a post with a single image on the website, which gradually blossomed into more blog posts, diary entries, articles, image galleries and videos. All we did was to portray our thoughts and experiences through any and every mode possible.

The Mountain Walker on YouTube: Snow or Not… We’re off to School

Who would’ve thought that a school located high in the Indian Himalayas would be operational right in the middle of winter…!!?

Check out the latest short video from The Mountain Walker Winter Trip to Spiti.

Explore Kinnaur & Spiti this Summer

Kinnaur & Spiti Final

This summer take a holiday to Kinnaur & Spiti with a Mountain Walker standard itinerary. Leisure, adventure, getaway, new experiences … tell us your travel goal and we will craft a suitable itinerary.

Email ( or call +91-8446779977) for enquiries and bookings.

The Mountain Walker on YouTube: The Kurious Kids at Khurik

Kids are kids, everywhere, oblivious of everything around them. The Mountain Walker team walked into Khurik, a typical village in Spiti, and were glad to come across such kids who made it a thoroughly enjoyable and exciting day for everyone.

The Mountain Walker on YouTube: A Thenthuk Breakfast in Spiti

Thenthuk, one of the most common dishes of Spiti, is a very basic preparation, but has great taste and high nutritional value. The Mountain Walker team enjoyed Thenthuk during a sumptuous breakfast at Sakya Homestay during their visit to Spiti in January 2017.