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Thinker, Writer ... and Mountain Walker.

“We May Be From Small Cities, But Our Aspirations Are Not Small – All We Need Is Opportunity”

This week, The Mountain Walker begins a new series on the aspirations, thoughts, learnings, and the world view of youngsters from the Himalayan states of India. Over the last few years, scores […]


“The Coldest Places Are Inhabited by the Warmest People!” – Ambika Bhardwaj of Chalain

There are writers and then there are writers. And then: there are people who are born to write. People for Whom The Words Toll so to say. For such writers, the words […]

10 years, 2000 articles, 8 Lakh visitors, 1 State, 1 Blogger – Shital Pradhan’s ‘Proud To Be Sikkimese’

The beauty of this world lies in the singular stories, the little dreams, the baby steps that individuals take to make a difference to the world that they live in. And a […]

A Quiet Bonfire

10 September, 2017: And after a long arduous week, it is time for reflecting on what was achieved, how, lessons learned and for simply soaking in the experience. I

The Mountain Walker at Pin-Parvati Pass!

10 September, 2017, Notes from Manali: The Mountain Walker Pin-Parvati trekkers have successfully completed the trek within  7 days and are now starting to unwind at The Apple Cedar House in Manali. […]

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