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“Focus on Quality Learning, Master the Basics, Then Start Evolving From There”

The Mountain Walker interview with Chef Jeewan Singh. An alumni of IHM Pusa (Delhi) and the Oberoi Centre for Learning and Development, Chef Jeewan is one of the young and upcoming chefs from the rapidly increasing tribe of Hospitality professionals pouring out of Uttarakhand.


Destination Pelling: From Waterfalls To Treks To Ancient Capitals

Pelling is a little town in Sikkim, the remote Himalayan state in the Northeast region of India. Located at an altitude of 6,250 feet above sea-level, Pelling is emerging as an important centre for tourism, mainly because it is a convenient hub for accessing historical places in West Sikkim. In addition, it also serves as a convenient stop or base for hiking and eco-tourism in West Sikkim. Finally, it is an access point to the Kanchenjunga National Park and related trekking routes.

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