Kaza residents complete Aesthetic Upgrade of local monuments

Amidst the global fear of Coronavirus, here in Spiti our brothers and friends (all local boys from Kaza village) decided to do something constructive. In their spare time, and considering social distancing precautions, they initiated a self-sponsored project to redo all the functional religious and social monuments in Kaza.

I don’t ask for any quarters, And I won’t give an inch

Mount Vasuki

The Sun is hard, the Wind is cold steel The incessant voices of division, They pound my head like a battering ram I work hard all day and I work all night,…...

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“A memorable and well organised trip with The Mountain Walker”

Aditya Luktuke

Mr. Aditya Luktuke availed a custom 7-day Mountain Walker vacation itinerary for his wife and himself, covering Manali, Tirthan Valley and Kullu. Read the details of their experience:


“An amazing trip with all the services provided as expected”

S. Ramasubramanian

Mr. S. Ramasubramanian availed a custom 5-day Mountain Walker vacation itinerary (Narkanda and Shimla) for his wife, daughter and himself. Here is what he had to say about the experience:


“A tour I wish to repeat with the expert advice and guidance”

Ravindra Nath Tiwari

Mr. Ravindra Nath Tiwari availed a custom 13-day Mountain Walker vacation to Spiti for his wife, daughter and himself in July 2017. His views about the experience can be seen and read here:


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