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The first of The Mountain Walker Diaries series encapsulates the journeys of Ameen Shaikh, a Bonafide Himachali, across Shimla, Kullu, Kinnaur, Lahaul & Spiti, and Chamba districts.

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“For me, it was like a rebirth; born and brought up in Shimla, I had hiked and walked and explored extensively but on day-trips or drives-cum-hikes. This would be my first long-distance, high-altitude trek at the ripe age of 34. Now that the moment was almost here, all the guidelines and motivating speeches from the previous weeks simply evaporated into thin air. And I felt scared — scared of the unknown, unsure of my endurance, doubtful of my capabilities.”

This first of “The Mountain Walker Diaries” series encapsulates the journeys of Ameen Shaikh, a “Bonafide” Himachali certificate holder, who got the opportunity to come back after more than 15 years of being away in the plains, to roam around his “home state”, covering a wide range of geographical, ethnical, and historical places, and collecting innumerable wonderful memories of so many different people, vistas, experiences, and lessons.

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  1. ‘ShaikhSpear in Himachal’ is an irresistible invitation to experience the delight of the stunning valleys. Illustrated with stunning pictures/ photographs, the book offers a beautiful glimpse of these gorgeous valleys and the profound promises they hold. The book is a sheer delight and a must read for every adventurous soul 👍🏻Kudos to Ameen Shaikh for his great work👍🏻 Looking forward to more books from him 👍🏻

  2. The first of the mountain walker books, ‘Shaikhspear in Himachal’, is truly one of the most exciting travel journals I’ve read. Throughout the book, there is simple but powerful vocabulary, and pictures clicked with clarity enough to make you believe you are there yourself. Usually I prefer reading ‘story’ type of books, and I get bored right out of my mind reading experience books or journals… But this book is way more than a journal.

    Throughout the read, the author constantly shares his feeling and his emotions on every phase of the trip. He gives his opinions as to he prefers this over that, and has an equivalent amount of proof to prove his need to choose between them. For example, when the author comes to deciding on mode of travel, he explains as to why he chooses train over plane, car or bus. He tells us his reason for choosing the train, (And doesn’t urge you to do it too, it is your choice, I hate it when people tell you what to do in books, thats another reason why this book is the best journal) And he gives proof for the statement he makes about travelling by train, and waiting on the road in a car because of traffic.

    Having travelling before to the Himalayas, with the mountain walker group, I always play around my own emotions, and let them make the decisions. Reading the book from the authors point of view, changes the whole experience for me. If I went there for this particular reason, and this kind of an attitude and interest, the author opens up a different path of interest and attitude for me to walk on. The author tells us that his homeland, the Shimla hills was where he grew up. He was use to mountain trekking and everything. When I read the book i looked at from the view of a person who grew up in the mountains, lives in the city, and goes back to prepare and do what he loves.

    I cant say much, as I cant give any words of great appreciation, for once I am speechless. I wish all the Mountain Walkers luck for future trips.

    Now I’m really waiting for another book, another exciting journey, another amazing experience to read from the series ‘Travel Diaries’. I hope I venture out in the mountains for more trips, but with a good attitude, and better social presence, as this book has taught me.

  3. Certainly a must read Travelogue for the benefits of the masses, who would want to venture into exploring the Himalayan Valley with family and friends. Very well scripted in such a way that one is being literally taken through the rivers and mountains and jungles as the reader goes through each page. The Team Mountain Walker highly deserves great applause for bringing out such an invaluable book. My great personal friend Mr. Ameen Shaikh, a thorough gentleman, who was also my colleague for few years has put in his great efforts physically, intellectually as an Author to convert his journey of Himachal as a book. No words of appreciation is sufficient in befitting his whole exercise, however I wholeheartedly congratulate him and wish him the very best for all his future endeavours. Let God Almighty shower HIS choicest blessings in abundance to him.

  4. One of the best travel diaries I have gone through so far. Simple language and mind-boggling photography is hallmark of all Mountain Walker’s creations. Once picked up you cannot put this book down. Kudos to Team Mountain Walker especially ShaikhSpear…
    Looking forward for many more..

  5. Its one of the top notch travelogues i have come across. No stretched out,dramatic,fictional incidances. all the facts and genuine turn of events along with inner mind’s touch to it. A must read to experience the different moods of evergreen Himalayas..

  6. This it the best adventure book. Whenever I read this book i feel like i am walking the mountains I love to read this book

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